Frozen Rain is the brainchild of Kurt Vereecke, a Belgian songwriter with an unlimitedly creative mind. By teaming up with musical legends and creating heartfelt and authentic tunes, the band managed to leave its mark on the rock scene and is considered to be one of the greats in the AOR world.

Frozen Rain’s first album dropped in 2008 and allowed the band to join forces with some of their absolute personal idols, like Tommy Denander (Radioactive), Steve Newman (Newman), and Daniel Flores (The Murder Of My Sweet). This collaboration resulted in a captivating sonic artwork that resonated worldwide and instantly earned its place in rock history.

In 2012, Frozen Rain came back with a second album: ‘Ahead of Time’. By then, the band had transformed itself into a true international phenomenon. They were widely applauded for their musical excellence and their unique approach to the AOR genre, seamlessly blending rock traditions and out-of-the-box innovations. This time, they even teamed up with Carsten Lizard Schultz, a vocal virtuoso who is celebrated for his contributions to Domain and many other renowned bands. The album contained some exclusive bonus tracks for the Japanese fans and further solidified Frozen Rain’s global presence and popularity.

Fast forward to their third album, ‘One Mile From Heartsville’, released by the esteemed Lions Pride Music record label. This album, rooted in the purest AOR tradition, weaves together rich melodies and catchy sing-along choruses. The band joined forces with musical heroes like guitarist Jens Ambrosch and Lars Edvall, who is not only a remarkable vocalist but also a gifted songwriter, going by the name of ‘Beatlife’. Frozen Rain even got the privilege of collaborating with drummer Roy Nichol of April Wine, a Canadian rock band renowned for chart-topping hits like ‘Just Between You And Me’, ‘I Like To Rock’ and ‘Roller’. Roy Nichol added a dynamic layer to the album and gave a unique twist to Frozen Rain’s sound. The list of guest luminaries continues with Fran Alonso (guitarist of the Spanish AOR band Hackers) and Roger Ljunggren (guitarist of T’Bell and Niva), enhancing the album’s multifaceted sonic landscape.

Frozen Rain’s journey is a mix of striking creativity, worldwide appeal and endless love for melodious rock. As the band navigates the ever-evolving contours of rock music, they remain steadfast in their commitment to pushing boundaries and creating music that stands the test of time. With ‘One Mile From Heartsville,’ Frozen Rain continues to redefine the rock narrative, crafting a melodious masterpiece that reflects their journey up to now while forging the exciting road ahead.

Frozen Rain is:
Lars Edvall: Lead & Backing Vocals
Jens Ambrosch: Lead & Rhythm Guitar
Jurgen Vitrier: Keys, Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals
Kurt Vereecke: Keys, Bass, Clean Guitar, Backing Vocals
Hans Vereecke: Drums

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