CD review ‘Snoozecontrol’

I must be honest and never heard from them in the past but once I started listening to the album I was literally blown out of my socks by their clean and international global sound, just as the great vocals and perfect studio mixing!

One Mile From Heartsville sounds like a mega hit from the 80’s, who also got picked up by a lot of compilations (also rock-ballad minded). The guitar play is succulent and the vocals are really perfect! I can’t believe it’s a recent track and made by some people from Belgium (next to some others). This is really already a first wow momentum! Move On is a nice retro rocker with a nice, smooth and very commercial sound. This is a very professional sounding track! A jewel crafted to perfection! Listen to the synth recreating the 80’s sound! Fire is like the title says: on fire and has their typical smooth/sweet touch. The song mixes the rock attitude with a fragile ballad and a 80’s synth layer. The chorus is really the max and will resonate for a long time if you stop the music after this song. She’s The One is not a Robbie Williams cover but is indeed a sweet love song (but with a more rocking/blues sound). How Could I Know is filled with sweetness and has a bit of melancholia and blues in it whilst the global sound keeps on breathing the 80’s and has excellent guitar play and great (international sounding) vocals.

Let Me Love You sounds a bit different from the other songs (giving more time to the drummer to do his thing). The synthesizer is also very much in the front whilst the vocals (and for sure during the chorus) are very catchy. One Of These Mornings could have been a Genesis track, just switched to a new singer. The chorus sounds sweet and yet powerful. More Than A Friend sounds in the beginning a bit like the Timmy T song: One More Try and is a lovely ballad with a very warm sound. I’m sure a lot of lovers will want to dance slowly (together) on this one. I also adore the violins in the background (or is it a synth preset?). Can’t find a matching love song: it’s just great! What’s It Gonna Be is a happy tune with a positive vibe and a great sound! The guitar play is as succulent as the vocals: sweet and excellent. Leave all the pain and sorrow behind and rock ‘n roll/travel instead is the main message behind this track! Ready For Tonight is another sweet rocker with trumpets in the background and excellent backings: giving the song an energetic boost and a sweet sound. The song feels fresh and powered up, in a very positive way: ready to conquer the night! That’s Why I’m Loving You is a rocker that starts with a bluesy sound. Once again the sound is very sweet, the message is pretty hot and loving! The Waiting’s Over is the last regular track of this magnificent album and has a bit of a Bon Jovi touch: good rocking, with a synth and a sexual tension. Bonus tracks: Tell Me No Lies (JP Bonus Track) & Ready For Tonight (Alt. Intro / JP Bonus Track).

This was really a wow album: from the first track until the end! I still can’t believe it’s not an album from the 80’s recorded by a stadium rock band from the USA who’s clips were getting played on MTV whilst the band was playing in front of 100.000 fans! This has to become the best album of the year (at least for the Belgian section), however it already came out in 2023 (but I sadly forgot about it).

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